Contact Madison Middle School Attendance  or call (206) 252-9204. 

Please contact Attendance ahead of time to let them know your child will be leaving early. An early dismissal pass will be sent to your student in class and they will report to the main office at the time noted on the pass. Pick up your child at the main entrance on 45th by calling (206) 252-9204 and let Attendance know you are present to sign out your child.

Students arriving late should come to the main entrance on 45th Ave. Parents may call (206) 252-9204 to ask for their child to be let in. Late students should check in at the attendance window and get a pass to class.

For the safety of our students and staff, all exterior doors will be locked during the school day. At this time we do not have remote entry capability for easy access but please know that Madison families are welcome in the building, and scheduled meetings with teachers and counselors may occur via Teams or inside the building.

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