Madison’s WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Program consists of about 90 eighth grade leaders who help make the school a more inclusive place. We plan and run the 6th grade orientation, give tours to new students, and make relationships by tutoring new-to-Madison students. We meet during advisory and lunch and plan fun “get to know you activities” with the 6th graders to make them feel connected to Madison.

We are teaming up with Dream Dinners West Seattle again this year and they’re donating a portion of their sales to Madison (please see attachment). By helping WEB and a local small-business, your money has a DOUBLE positive impact in our community, and you’ll have some quick, easy meals ready in the New Year. For $60 dollars you can get three 3-serving meals (9 servings total), and $10 of that will go straight to Madison’s WEB program for next year. You can pay online up to 36 hours before the pick-up time, and then just pick up during your window and you have 3 pre-made meals that are ready to cook!

Here are the dates where Dream Dinners West Seattle will donate a portion of their sales to Madison WEB. Deadline to order is January 11th – Spaces fill quickly.

  • Saturday, Jan 14th
  • Monday, Jan 16th
  • Thursday, Jan 19th
  • Friday, Jan 20th

If you are not interested in Dream Dinners at this time, we are asking for donations of $10 (or more) to keep WEB going strong. If you can help, donate below. All funds will be will be used for WEB curriculum (from the Boomerang Project in California), supplies for orientation, ice breaker and energizer supplies, WEB trainings, WEB retreats, and other WEB related supplies. Any amount supports this program to its full capacity and is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your consideration and please let me know if you have any questions or comments! Feel free to share this link or email with anybody in West Seattle!

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