Funds for Families Drive

This past two years have presented innumerable challenges for all of us, but the challenges are especially trying for Madison families already struggling to make ends meet, or those directly impacted by job loss or illness as a result of COVID-19. 

Your donations to the Funds for Families Drive will allow the PTSA to continue to provide assistance to Madison families in need.

Your support makes a big impact on our families’ lives, as reported by Madison staff distributing PTSA-funded grocery assistance, school supplies, and other items.

  • “One mom told me what a HUGE relief the grocery assistance was for her, as she has multiple children and is a single mom in a service-industry job.”
  • “A family I worked with told me they could not have afforded the new shoes for their son without the grocery assistance they received.”
  • “A family was able to afford some new school clothes as well as a new winter coat for their daughter; this made her feel so much more confident.”
  • “One mother was in tears . . her husband had just lost his job and she was going to have to choose between buying groceries or paying the bills.  This was truly a lifesaver for her family.  Her tears were tears of happiness.”

With each day that passes under the pandemic, the number of Madison families requesting assistance has grown.  Please give as generously as you can, today, to help more of our families put food on the table and provide for basic needs as they navigate this crisis. 

If you would rather donate with a check, you can download the Funds for Families Drive donation form here and send it back, along with your payment, to Madison Middle School PTSA, 3429 45th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116.