If you are a PTSA member and would like to help the most vulnerable Madison community members, please check your email for the following:

Dear Madison Membership,
After discussion among the Madison PTSA Board Membership and with Madison Principal Dr. Robert Gary, and in consideration of our Madison families experiencing extreme financial hardship during the coronavirus pandemic, we of the Madison Board present the following motion for a vote of the Madison PTSA General Membership:
To reallocate a total of $6,000 from reserve funds to the Madison PTSA 2019-2020 School Year Budget to provide assistance to Madison families in need during the coronavirus pandemic and related Seattle Schools shutdown. 
Assistance will be provided to families in the form of grocery store gift cards and other supplies as needed. 
Madison families in need are identified by Madison school staff and kept confidential; Madison staff will oversee the distribution of assistance items to these families. 
Votes will be counted through Wednesday morning, March 25, 2020, at 8am.  

Thank you for your ongoing support of our Madison community!
Best wishes,
Katy WalumMadison PTSA President

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