Outstanding Educator Awards

The Madison PTSA is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Outstanding Educator Award: Mr. Mike Kreiger and Nurse Mindy Elbaum.

Following are the remarks of PTSA President Sarah Dillard at the June staff meeting:

“This year has been a year like no other. Someday there will be books written about how teachers healed the emotional brokenness and trauma that was the COVID-19 pandemic. Every educator in this room deserves an award! It was nearly impossible to choose just two recipients.

“The first recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award goes the extra mile–or five miles–to relate to students and make learning relevant and exciting for them. This includes using hip hop to support teaching, writing a grant to purchase books that tell history through a Native American lens. This recipient has earned respect from both kids and families through clear communication and never-ending support. His effort to secure gift cards to feed Madison families during the pandemic was a perfect example of his compassion. This outstanding educator connects with all students to engage, motivate, and inspire. The PTSA recognizes Mike Kreiger.

“Throughout the pandemic, and its ever-changing guidelines and requirements, this next recipient has led with grace and positivity, and supported our entire community. This award is meant for individuals who make an extraordinary difference in the lives of students, and significant contributions in the community that enhance the educational outcomes of all children and youth. Nurse Mindy is an ideal recipient for this award.”


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