Ongoing Fundraising

The Madison PTSA has an on-going fundraising campaign to support its objectives.

Direct Drive allow you to make a direct donation to the PTSA General Fund at any time during the year. You don’t have to buy anything and there are no overhead expenses for this fundraising. 100% of your donation goes to the PTSA — which means the students and the school.

All donations are tax deductible. Don’t forget to check with your Human Resource Department if they have a matching program.

We Need Your Participation, now!

Direct Drive
The Direct Drive Fund is the backbone of support for many needs at Madison. It helps provide an enriched educational experience for students by allowing for the purchase of computer software licenses, Nooks, iPads, apps, teaching aids, etc.


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You can donate at any time during the year, but the sooner, the better, so that we can help cover for the needs of our school as soon as possible in the school year.