The need for food in the Madison Middle School Community is Growing – Please give as generously as you can!

Dear Madison Community,
The response to your Direct Drive support for Madison families in need has been overwhelming.  We are so grateful to those of you who have contributed so far.  From Madison staff distributing grocery assistance and other items to our families:
The families I’ve had direct contact with . . . were near tears or noticeably emotional about how appreciative they were; they were in a position to choose bills before groceries. Food has been the biggest concern for keeping some type of normalcy, and with kids home, food goes much faster. 
For a couple of families, this is the first time they’ve had to ask for support like this, and they were very humbled and grateful for the support. Families have been incredibly grateful.  Many have said it helps because they don’t have to choose between food or bills. This is making a huge difference and relieving a small bit of stress in a hugely stressful time.We had a mom that had tears of thanks; she had been trying to decide if she should pay rent or put food on the table for her family.
With each day that passes under the COVID-19 restrictions, the number of Madison families requesting assistance has grown.  We need everyone’s continued support to help more of our families put food on the table and provide for basic needs as they struggle to navigate this crisis. 
Please give as generously as you can to take care of our Madison community by clicking the blue bar/button link to the right that says Donate to the Direct Drive Fund. This should take you to the PayPal page.

Thank you,
Katy Walum, PresidentMadison Middle School PTSA

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