About Your PTSA

PTSA is about getting you involved with your child’s education; about building partnerships between families and school. It is about every one of us working together to create better communities. At Madison Middle School we have a large group of dedicated parents who are doing just that. Get involved! We encourage you to join the Madison Middle School PTSA today!  More information regarding PTSA membership can be found in the FAQ section on this website.

Stay Informed

Signing up for the Madison PTSA Weekly Newsletter is a great way to keep current about what’s going on. Subscribe HERE!

The school sends all parents a daily email with what is going on inside the school, the bulletin that is shared with students.  We put some of that information, and more, in our newsletter so that parents receive the whole picture of Madison.


What is the Direct Drive Fund, and why you should consider donating: Madison Middle School, as with all Seattle Public Schools, does not receive adequate budget to provide the kind of educational experience our kids need and deserve. The PTSA, along with some community organizations, step into the breach to provide funding and volunteers to meet some of this need. We do this by holding fundraisers. PTSA fundraising is the backbone of support for many needs at Madison, and the beautiful thing about it is that 100% of your donation goes to the PTSA — which means the students and the school.  You don’t have to buy anything and there are no overhead expenses for this fundraising, so the students realize the full benefit. How are the Direct Drive funds spent?  It helps the staff provide an enriched educational experience for students by allowing for the purchase of computer software licenses, books, Nooks, iPads, apps for iPads and teaching aids, as well as other things determined throughout the year.

MMS DDF Reach Out

To correspond directly with board members or committee chairs, reference the PTSA Contact List for names and email addresses. The PTSA Overview of Roles and Responsibilities document can be found here.