School Levies on February 2022 Ballot

Seattle voters will consider two education funding measures in the February 8, 2022 special election. These measures will continue funding that helps support student success by creating a safe, equitable learning environment.

The two measures are:

Renewal of the Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy

This levy would continue funding for critical day-to-day operations and funds staff such as nurses and custodians. It continues funding for programs that support our students, such as child nutrition programs, social-emotional health, and special education. It also funds STEM and CTE programs.

Levy amount: $646.8 million over three years

Renewal of the Building, Technology, and Academics/Athletics Capital Levy (BTA V)

This levy would continue funding for building projects, technology projects, and academic/athletic projects throughout the district.

BTA V continues funding for building maintenance, safety upgrades, and small renovations. It also funds technology for students and staff, including training and maintenance of devices, technology infrastructure, and the systems that SPS uses to support student learning.

SPS owns Memorial Stadium, and the levy includes funding to invest in new grandstands so it can continue to be used for high school athletics, for graduations, and by the community. Funding will also continue for playground improvements and academic program changes.

Levy amount: $783 million over six years

Levies Support Students

School districts in Washington state rely on voter-approved funding measures to cover costs not funded by the state. These measures ensure our students, staff, and schools have continued access to the resources they need to succeed including staffing positions, academic programs, and technology.

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