Madison Volunteer Opportunities

Please visit the Madison Middle School Volunteer Page for the most up-to-date information about volunteering at the school.

Parent volunteers are critical for Madison Middle School. The staff, PTSA, and children would not be able to accomplish what they do without parent involvement. There are many opportunities to volunteer your time and expertise, from book fairs, fundraising, chaperoning, Thursday night events, and much more. By volunteering you will truly gain that feeling of being part of the Madison community.

Volunteers are contacted based on communicated interest. Communicated interests are gathered from the Volunteer Form sent out in the first day packet, but you can still communicate your interest by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator, Lora Bunch.

PTSA Volunteers

PTSA looks for volunteers willing to be elected as PTSA officers in March for the following school year and elects officers in April. If you are a Madison parent interested in a leadership position in the PTSA, please let the President or other elected officers know. If you are interested in any position that already has a volunteer in that position, let that person know. It is always good to have a back-up for emergencies and they may want to mentor someone for the position next year. Even if you only have a few hours to commit, we will have something for you to do!

If you would like more information on specific PTSA volunteer tasks please feel free to contact Katy Walum at president@madisonptsa.com.