Back to School Drive

Providing Enrichment for the Whole Student

Part of the mission of the Madison PTSA is to provide classroom support when teachers want or need something beyond what is provided by their district supply budgets. Madison’s teachers and staff work hard every year to deliver effective instruction with limited resources. Your generous donations to the Back to School Drive allow the PTSA to boost numerous programs and needs in Madison classrooms:

Here are some examples of what your donation dollars can do:

  • $500
    • Pays for a classroom of students to have online curriculum access
    • Funds 1 transformative speaker for a day-long, 1,000+ student workshop
    • Buys one iPad- for adaptive/ instructional use.
  • $300
    • Buys a class a set of novels for book clubs
    • Supports a Racial Equity Team Guest Speaker
    • Buys Edx Education Student Place Value Flip Chart for 20 students
  • $200 PTSA’s Staff Reimbursement Budget Commitment
    • Funds one teacher’s supply needs such as: graphing paper, highlighters, art supplies, index cards, poster paper, etc.
    • Buys 13 subscriptions to the digital version of Upfront magazine (or other digital news magazine) for our Social Studies department
  • $100
    • Buys 10 new library books, expanding the Bulldog Reads program
    • Buys 1 teacher a set of 3 professional development books focused on Digital/Blended Learning


If you would rather donate with a check, make it out to “Madison PTSA Supply Drive” and send your payment, to Madison Middle School PTSA, 3429 45th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98116.