Fundraising Events/ Solid Gold Auction

Participating in fundraising events for the Madison PTSA builds community AND provides funding for things that enrich student learning and student life. Initiatives the PTSA supports include grants for mural projects, interactive curriculum for teachers, funding for Madison’s Racial Equity Team, funding for Madison’s library, and classroom supplies for teachers.

Fundraising events are also fun! It’s a great way to meet other families, and many fundraising events, like dine-outs, support local businesses, which is a win-win.

Here are some of the events the PTSA does.

  • Dine-outs!
    • Dine-outs happen on nights when a local restaurant offers to give a percentage of its revenue to Madison PTSA. You can either eat at that restaurant that night or if you’re too busy, buy a gift card. Sometimes the restaurant has frozen meals you can get as well. Keep your eyes peeled for these events, which will be posted on the website and also in the Bark.
  • Madison’s Solid Gold Auction
    • On May 11th, join the Madison community for an evening of excitement, community building, and the chance to purchase some amazing items and experiences! The auction will take place at the Senior’s Center in the West Seattle Junction. This is not a huge space, so please buy tickets soon, as we expect them to sell out!

      If you have something to donate, please consider doing so, and help make our auction a success! Examples of items could be vacation homes, sporting events tickets, or unique experiences you can connect people with. 

      To buy your tickets on the main auction page, click here

      To buy drink tickets beforehand at a steeply discounted price, click here.

      To browse auction items, click here.