Deadline for getting paperwork to the office to make sure that records requests for families of students applying to private schools for 2023-2024

December 2, 2022 all-day

Families of students applying to private schools for 2023-2024. If your student is applying to a private school for next year your student should fill out the form linked here. The deadline for getting paperwork to the office to make sure that records requests are processed in time is Friday, DECEMBER 2, 2022. Anything requested after December 2nd will not be completed until after deadline of January 5, 2023. The contact email to use in Ravenna for online applications is (note, NOT Dr. Gary!)

What will be included in school records sent for student high school applications? First quarter report card for 22-23 school year, middle school Academic History (the SPS transcript for middle schools), standardized testing results, attendance summary, Incident report (if applicable), and a student’s current quarter 2 grades at the time I print and organize the applications (We send them all in a batch right before winter break, so please do not ask us to send them earlier, as that would not be equitable).

Teacher recommendations for applications: The registrar will share teachers’ recommendation portions of the application with them directly and submit the completed forms to all the schools requested. We encourage you and/or your student to reach out to the teachers they plan to ask for a recommendation via email, to ask them if they are willing and able to fill out an application for your child (as a courtesy to alert them that it will be coming their way).

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