The PTSA is proud to support Madison staff with annual mini grants.  Grants may be used to purchase equipment, supplies or other tangible goods (we cannot fund stipends or hourly pay for staff).

Funding priority is based on the following criteria:

  • Projects or tools that have a lasting impact on teaching and learning.
  • Projects or tools that benefit the greatest number of Madison students.
  • Projects or tools that solve a problem or meet a need not currently met, and which receive little or no funding from Seattle Public Schools or other sources.

Who Can Apply?  Teachers and other school employees (including support staff)

How to Apply

Complete the Grant Application.

Signatures are required from both the Department Head and Principal. If a department is submitting more than one request, the department should prioritize their requests prior to submitting to the PTSA for consideration.  Please submit one copy to the PTSA and one copy to the school’s Fiscal Specialist.

**To comply with District Policy, all proposed purchases have to be run through the school**

When to Apply and Timeline

The PTSA Board will convene a Grant Committee. There will be two reviews (Fall and Spring).  The amount allotted in each semester will be determined by the board in advance of review and may be determined by fundraising goals or other expenditures.

Your proposal will be reviewed by the PTSA Grant Committee, which will then submit their recommendations to the PTSA Board for funding approval. You will be contacted and advised of the outcome.  You may resubmit the proposal during the next grant review, if the Grant Committee allows.

Fall Timeline (2022)

November 29 – Deadline for Grant Applications (1st Semester)

December 6 – Board review of Grant Committee’s recommendations

December 12 – Notification to applicants of grant status

Spring Timeline (2023)

March 4 – Deadline for Grant Applications (2nd Semester)

March 14 – Board review of Grant Committee’s recommendations

March 20 – Notification to applicants of grant status

** Funds granted must be spent within 60 days of receipt unless the PTSA has provided approval of the delay. Funds not spent will be returned to the PTSA budget and reallocated.**

If you have questions about the process or have issues downloading/viewing the application, please email  If you have questions about funding once your grant has been approved, please email