Dear Madison Families,

Fourth quarter begins April 27. Beginning Quarter 4 and for the remainder of the school year, students will be asked to keep their phones and personal technology put away during class. This is a building-wide decision, aimed at reducing inappropriate technology use at Madison including students being on their cell phones in class, students wearing their AirPods or earbuds in class, and students using their laptops for non-school related tasks (e.g. watching YouTube, Netflix, etc.).

We understand that cell phones (and AirPods/earbuds) are ubiquitous in today’s world.  And we recognize that many students have them. At Madison, we are trying to teach students the appropriate use of such tech. For example, being on a cell phone would not be appropriate in the middle of a job interview, or in a movie theater, or dining in a fine restaurant.    

When class starts, all cellphones, AirPods, and earbuds should be put away, while laptops should only be accessed if part of the day’s lesson.  Multiple violations of this policy will result in a phone call/email home and/or a parent conference. Repeated violations will also result in further action, including but not limited to: insisting that the student leave their tech in their locker, insisting that the tech be left at home, leaving the tech in a designated place in the classroom at the beginning of the period, and lunch or after-school detention. 

Please review these policies with your student. Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to teach and hold your student accountable regarding the responsible use of technology.


Dr. Robert Gary, Jr. – Principal

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